Get your daily dose of Nature after school! 

Chatsworth PTA has partnered with Irvine Nature Center to provide an After School Program for our students! We are so excited to offer this program to our families.


The program is run and facilitated by Irvine Nature Center and will be held on Wednesdays at Chatsworth School from 3:50pm to 4:50pm. Three 10-11 week sessions will be offered beginning September 26th. The cost for each registrant is $165/session. If you register for all 3 sessions, you'll receive $50 off. Additionally, Irvine is offering a payment plan for interested parents. Please contact Tara Lilley by email or phone at or 443-738-9211 for any questions. 


Registration is online only and is going on NOW via Irvine Nature Center's website. For more details, click the flyers below or the Irvine logo to visit the registration page. (NOTE: There are 2 programs; one for K-2 students and one for Grades 3-5 students. Both are held on the same day at the same time).


Have questions? Contact Tara Lilley by email or phone at or 443-738-9211.







Hershey Park Tickets!

Enjoy everything Hersheypark has to offer during the summer season! Every ticket includes more than 70 attractions, including 14 coasters, the entire water park, access to ZooAmerica & Chocolate World. Tickets are $40 each. 

Carpool Reminders

At both drop-off and pick-up - Enter the carpool line on New Avenue from Chatsworth Avenue, NOT Bond Avenue.  Do NOT enter from Bond Avenue and make a LEFT into Chatsworth. This holds up traffic and blocks our buses from leaving the school and delivering the students home on time.

Do not block the driveways of our school neighbors on New Avenue while waiting in line for carpool. If waiting for the carpool line to begin moving, leave a gap between cars for the driveways of residents of New Avenue!