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The Box Tops for Education is so simple and earns "Free" Money for our school. Each box top you bring in equals $0.10. That doesn't sound like much, but just look at what we could do with only 1 Box Top per month versus 40 per month over the course of a school year. It's amazing what we can do together for our school! Clip, save, send them in! It's that easy. 



# of              Box tops      Months    Box Top     Earnings

Students      per month                    Value         Potential


  300                  1               10             $0.10          $300

  300                  5               10             $0.10          $1,500

  300                 10              10             $0.10          $3,000

  300                 15              10             $0.10          $4,500

  300                 20              10             $0.10          $6,000

  300                 25              10             $0.10          $7,500

  300                 30              10             $0.10          $9,000

  300                 35              10             $0.10          $10,500

  300                 40              10             $0.10          $12,000




There are many ways to earn cash for your school with Box Tops!

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Carpool Reminders

At both drop-off and pick-up - Enter the carpool line on New Avenue from Chatsworth Avenue, NOT Bond Avenue.  Do NOT enter from Bond Avenue and make a LEFT into Chatsworth. This holds up traffic and blocks our buses from leaving the school and delivering the students home on time.

Do not block the driveways of our school neighbors on New Avenue while waiting in line for carpool. If waiting for the carpool line to begin moving, leave a gap between cars for the driveways of residents of New Avenue!