Carpool Reminders





Morning Carpool Drop-off


Students may be dropped off between 9:00 and 9:15 A.M. 


Any student dropped off before that time will not be allowed in the building, as there are no staff members available at that time to supervise them.  This safety policy remains in effect regardless of the weather. 

Any student dropped off after 9:15 needs to be signed in late in the main office by his/her parent.




Please adhere to the request that students only be dropped off between the last two posts of the carport.  When parents drop off their children further back and then pull out from the carpool line, they create a potential hazard with cars/buses going past from both directions.  It is very important to be patient and wait for the cars ahead of us to drop off.  In turn, we ask parents to be sure all “supplies and goodbyes” are ready to go when you pull up to the drop-off area, as to not hold up the smooth movement of the line.



Afternoon Carpool Pick-up - 3:50pm-4:05pm

If parents choose to pick up students at the end of the day, they will need to:

  1. Complete a carpool registration form indicating the days of the week that their child/children will be picked up.  They must also indicate any other students who will be carpooling with them each day.  (Those parents will need to complete a carpool registration form also.)

  2. Once the registration form is received, parents will be issued a number card to display on the front passenger side window of their cars when picking up their child/children.  Each family will receive two cards for multiple automobiles. 

  3. Students will wait for carpool pick-up in the gymnasium and be dismissed by number when their car arrives.

  4. DO NOT BE LATE for pick up.  The school day and carpool are over at 4:05pm.  Calling to let us know you will be late is STILL LATE.  Staff are not on duty after 4:05pm.  Consistent lateness is recorded, will result in a warning and possible removal from the Chatsworth Magnet Program according to the Special Permission Transfer document that all magnet families sign.


Other important carpool information


If families share carpool responsibilities, all the students in the carpool must be listed on both families’ registration forms.  It will be the responsibility of the student to know which “number” they are being picked by each day.  IF MORE THAN ONE FAMILY WANTS TO SHARE A NUMBER, INDICATE THAT ON THE REGISTRATIONS.


If students ride an after-school care bus or the JCC bus, a registration form must be filled out indicating so on the form.  These buses are clearly marked and will not need numbers assigned.  We will only need to know which students are to ride them.


Anyone picking up a student without a number displayed in their car will have to park and sign the child out in the main office.  No child will be dismissed to a person who is not listed on the student’s registration card, or given permission by the parent through a note approved by the office that day.  We thank you for your patience and support in advance as it takes a few weeks to refine our carpool procedures. 

November News

So Much is Going On This Month!! 

Cherrydale Fall Fundraiser: Fundraising orders were due on Monday, November 18th. All orders will be submitted to Cherrydale by Thursday, November 21st to allow for late orders and to ensure delivery before the Winter Break. The PTA will notify parents of the delivery date as soon as we have it. 

American Education Week November 18th through 22nd: The PTA needs Food and Coffee Donations throughout this week-long event. Please view the signup to see how you can contribute. We are still in need of donations, so please check to see if you can contribute before Thursday. 

Shop With Scrip is Here Again! Purchase all of your gift cards for the holiday season through this amazing program while supporting our PTA! Visit our Forms Page to View and Download the forms or do it all online! 

Get started:

1. Enroll on or with our organization’s enrollment code:FC6DCF7F47181

2. Seamlessly check out and receive eGift cards and reloads faster by securely paying online with a linked bank account or credit card.

Upcoming Events and Volunteer Opportunities:

Breakfast Buddies will be held December 6th: View the volunteer signup here. More details about this event will be sent home towards the end of November.

Winter Carnival will be held on Friday, December 13th. This is an all-new family event for all of Chatsworth to attend. More details will be sent out in the coming weeks, but please view the volunteer availability form to see how you can help.

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