Back-to-School Checklist

▢  Fill Out/Update Emergency Contact Information Form and Parental Privacy Preference Opt-Out Form

These forms were included in the mailing from Chatsworth School. Forms must be returned to school by September 8th. If you have questions regarding these forms, please contact Chatsworth School.


▢  Buy school supplies 

Download and view PDF 



▢  Fill out Carpool Registration Form and/or Bus Transportation Form

These forms were included in the mailing from school. Please return or mail these forms to the school no later than Friday, August 24th.


▢  Lunch accounts

Fund your child’s lunch account. Even if you child will bring his/her lunch, consider putting some money in this account, just in case they forget it.

Visit the My School Bucks website to create an online account.

For more information about My School Bucks and the BCPS Nutrition Express Account, visit


▢  Chatsworth School PTA—Get involved! 

• Login/Register. (Registering on this site is free.)  If you had an account last year, it will take less than a minute to confirm your family information. If you are new, it should take about 5 minutes.

After updating your account or registering for the first time, you will have access to the Online School Directory! This is a free service from the PTA and can only be accessed by registering on our site

• Join PTA —After you register, you will have the option to join PTA. PTA is a framework that helps us grow the kind of community influence we need to support every child in our sphere of care —and help our students reach their potential. We invite you to join us this year—and hope you will!


 My Volunteer Interests & Skills—  Volunteering at Chatsworth School is largely coordinated through the PTA. And we would LOVE to serve with you! Tell us how you would enjoy being involved and we will try to get you plugged in.  When we each do a little—using the talents and abilities we have— it's amazing what we can accomplish together. A volunteer interest form will be available during the first week of school on our website. 



▢  Required BCPS Volunteer Application and Training

To volunteer in the school directly or through the PTA, all volunteers must complete an application and training for the school year. Even if you volunteered last year, you must complete this application and training for the current school year.

Visit to fill out the application and complete the online training course or learn about in-person training.

Once you have completed the application and training, please print your application and certificate and return it to the school.



▢  Attend the Teacher Meet & Greet and School Supply Drop-Off

Grades 1-5 on Friday, August 31st 2:15-3:30pm


▢  Attend Back to School Night for Parents of 1st-5th Grade Students

Tuesday, August 28th from 6-:30pm


▢  Attend the PTA's Back to School Picnic

Tuesday, September 4th at 5:30-7:00pm at the Chatsworth School Playground


The Basics 


School Hours


School Arrival — 9am-9:15am 

Doors open for students at 9am. Students arriving after 9:15am are considered tardy and will need to enter the building accompanied by a parent to sign in at the front office.


School Dismissal — 3:50pm-4:05pm

Carpool ends at 4:05pm. DO NOT BE LATE for pick up. The school day and carpool end at 4:05pm 



Hershey Park Tickets!

Enjoy everything Hersheypark has to offer during the summer season! Every ticket includes more than 70 attractions, including 14 coasters, the entire water park, access to ZooAmerica & Chocolate World. Tickets are $40 each. 

Carpool Reminders

At both drop-off and pick-up - Enter the carpool line on New Avenue from Chatsworth Avenue, NOT Bond Avenue.  Do NOT enter from Bond Avenue and make a LEFT into Chatsworth. This holds up traffic and blocks our buses from leaving the school and delivering the students home on time.

Do not block the driveways of our school neighbors on New Avenue while waiting in line for carpool. If waiting for the carpool line to begin moving, leave a gap between cars for the driveways of residents of New Avenue!


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