The Fall Family Festival

Carnival games, dancing, food and endless hours of fun with your Chatsworth friends!




Family Night Out

Family restaurant or event nights!


Fall Book Fair

Shows our students the importance of reading and allows our children the chance to pick what inspires them to read. 



Spirit Store

Show your school pride by wearing Chatsworth school colors from top to bottom.



Pastries with Parents

Share breakfast with your child as a special treat from the PTA! We will host two family breakfasts this year - one in December and one in May! 



Eco-Explorers Club by Irvine Nature Center

Irvine's Eco-Explorers club is about discovering the wonders of the great outdoors! 



TreeRing Yearbooks

The Chatsworth School Yearbook is full of memories of every school year - and 100% created by our volunteers! 





PTA's Spring Online Auction!!

The PTA's online auction is coming! Preview all the fabulous items now. Bidding starts bright and early, Monday, May 14 at 6:30 A.M. and concludes May 18, 2018 at 11:45 P.M.  

Are You An Auction Winner? 

Volunteers Needed

Dessert Reception for the 5th Grade Farewell Ceremony

The Chatsworth Class of 2019 is organizing the dessert reception this year for the 5th Grade Farewell Ceremony that takes place on June 12th.  We need donations of baked goods and bottled water (small bottles preferably).  You can drop off the morning of the reception from 8:45am until 9am or the day before at the office.  We also need volunteers to help that day for set up, serving, and clean up.  Please sign up to help. 

Carpool Reminders

At both drop-off and pick-up - Enter the carpool line on New Avenue from Chatsworth Avenue, NOT Bond Avenue.  Do NOT enter from Bond Avenue and make a LEFT into Chatsworth. This holds up traffic and blocks our buses from leaving the school and delivering the students home on time.

Do not block the driveways of our school neighbors on New Avenue while waiting in line for carpool. If waiting for the carpool line to begin moving, leave a gap between cars for the driveways of residents of New Avenue!